The HOLLYWOOD QUEER SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is an (almost) all volunteer effort. We need a lot of volunteers to make it happen, and most of the opportunities listed below do not require experience.

Sponsor Coordinator: Will contact potential sponsors and sign up any takers. Collect media they submit per agreements; make sure they get everything they pay for; help sponsors who need help making something for slide show; help select logo for program and website; work with webmaster to get sponsor links onto website; collect payments for sponsorships. For all sponsors brought in by Coordinator, we pay a commission of 20%. If this sounds like you, contact Festival Director Jim Hoffman immediately at

Tech Specialist who knows projectors and media. Will run our programs at the venue. Must be on hand during all four programs.

Tech Specialist who has a LOT of room to store exhibition copies of selected films and put them onto thumb drives that can be read by projector at venue, in order as directed by festival director.

Integrated Marketing Assistant: Will assist our Integrated Marketing Manager with her efforts to give the festival a modern Integrated Media Campaign, including all the Social media.

Hospitality coordinator: handles comp lists to make sure box office knows who is entitled to free entry. Will issue invitations to submit to filmmakers selected by Festival Director. Will prepare festival badges for filmmakers and others (e.g., jury, staff, etc.) who need them.

=> Selection Committee: Screen submitted films to determine whether they should be seen by the committee as a whole; Attend Selection Committee meetings and evaluate films for inclusion in the programs. This is a significant time commitment, and only a limited number of persons will be included.

=> JURY: Will attend (or otherwise screen) all films in the program and select winners of awards; each jury member is encouraged to moderate one of the four Q+A sessions following program screenings. Significant experience in the Industry is expected. Your photo and CV will appear on our website.

=> DAY OF EVENT: We will need ushers, people to hand out and collect ballots; hand out printed program; assist at the box office; and coordinate parking. (Note: two programs minimum; we encourage volunteers to do all four.)

Volunteers with => will receive festival tee shirts. ALL Volunteers will receive comp tickets to programs.

TO VOLUNTEER: SEND EMAIL TO Include the position(s) you are interested in, and let us know about any experience or qualifications you have in those areas...

Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Crew in 2019