Our Sponsors

We are much indebted to local groups and businesses for providing financial support that makes our festival possible

Parent Sponsors

CMEN (Community of Men Enjoying Naturism) is one of the two largest gay nudist clubs in the world, welcoming men of all ages, all ethnicities, all body types. We offer large naked week-long events, parties, massage exchanges, game nights, touch playshops, and other events.

Once limited mostly to California, where the club does two large annual Gatherings (northern California in July; "West Coast Gathering in southern California in August—-our 25th year) as well as local activities in Los Angeles, the Palm Springs Area, and Starland Ranch in Joshua Tree, CMEN now boasts a busy schedule in Phoenix and Whispering Oaks TN, where we have a year round retreat center.

California Men’s Gatherings (CMG) is a California community of thousands of men who get together for all sorts of events – from the healing to the hilarious and the sacred to the silly – from personal growth workshops to pool parties to theater outings to heart circles, and our very own trademark puppy piles. It all centers around our three annual weekend “Gatherings” that some call “summer camp for men.”

We hold local CMG events nearly every week somewhere in the state with no membership dues required. Since 1978, our organization has been a place that embraces diversity among men, including race, culture, socioeconomic status, age, body type, or HIV status, physical ability, education, financial circumstances, birth gender, gender fluidity, sexual orientation, beliefs, and spiritual practices.