The HQSFF Family

We are proud of the many members of our community who have been part of this festival over the years. Many of them will be joining us again this year. We have received numerous messages of support. A selection of these appears below.

I’d like congratulate all my CMG Brothers for the rebooting of “The Hollywood Queer Short Film Festival". I'm a long time CMG member as well as an actor and comedian. My supporting role in "The Birth Of A Nation" as a slave owner in 1831 changed my career in big way and me as an artist. The film is the beginning of Black Live Matter movement, so my artist life and work life have merged. I was chosen to be in the OUT 100 recently and guested on “Goliath" opposite JK Simmons, "Swedish Dicks" opposite Keanu Reeves to name a few. I was thrilled to win "The Indie Series Award for Best Actor in A Comedy" for season 1 of my Amazon series “Smothered" and just got nominated for season 2. I co-wrote, co-produced and co-star in the series with Mitch Hara. You all can watch on the website for free if you like summer I will be in the Gay Comedy Special "Laugh Proud" with all these young out comedians of every type in the LGBTQ family! And lastly my autobiography "SHUT UP, I’M TALKING!" Is in its 3rd printing and got rave reviews on Amazon. On a personal note I’ve moved to Palm Springs and live next door to my 87 year old Jewish mother! So I can look after her and it’s been a trip. Who knew her complaining could make her a living! And I’m single again looking for my new love as age in the desert! Still working, still making new friends, still learning about myself and others in this new world we are living out in…. has all my sisal media to stay in touch.
Jason Stuart

I’ve known Jim for 10 years and he’s always supportive of my projects and is just a nice guy to be around. I love his vision for this new chapter of this film festival and wish him all the best!
Chris Lilly
Chris Lilly is a writer based in Los Angeles and a tarot reader for authors and screenwriters with a mission to guide them to create heathy writing habits, strengthen their individual voices, and finish projects faster! His website is

I enjoyed being on the programming team for the CMG Short Film Festival! The films are excellent and Jim puts together great programs. I really appreciate the enthusiastic audiences at the festival and love being part of the CMG community.

Betsy Kalin is an award-winning director/producer/writer and founder of Itchy Bee Productions. She is currently in postproduction with her short documentary LESBIANS IN BOYSTOWN. Her documentaries VISION 2030: FUTURE OF SOCAL and its follow-up VISION 2021: FUTURE OF SOCAL were both Emmy-nominated. Her previous documentary EAST LA INTERCHANGE won ten jury and audience awards. Her films ROOF, CHAINED!, and HEARTS CRACKED OPEN have been honored with multiple awards at festivals around the world.

Best of luck on the continued success of the upcoming HOLLYWOOD QUEER SHORT FILM FESTIVAL and the amazing cabaret revue GayDD!
Louis Wendruck

The CMG Short Film Festival is a memorable event that brings the community together. The film selection blocks are always uniquely tailored to represent awareness of who we are and what we stand for. It has been an honor to have my films, "Freak" and "Narcissist," be featured at this wonderful festival!

Eric Casaccio Filmmaker